Pasticceria Buti

Creata nel 1958 la Pasticceria Buti vanta ormai da anni la produzione di una vasta gamma di dolci, spaziando dai prodotti tipici alle torte cerimoniali.

0577 40464 V.le Vittorio Emanuele II, 53 53100 Siena


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The local

The Laboratory

Cutting-edge machinery, highly qualified personnel, authenticity and research of the best products, all to create great products and unforgettable flavors.



All raw materials are carefully selected and production is consistent throughout the day

The Pastry-Bar

A recently renovated local restaurant to carry out the very best confectionery making tradition of Pasticceria Buti, becoming a meeting point for all the citizens of Siena and that focuses on excellence in products and service.


Taste Research

Blends and drinks selected with care to delight the palates accustomed to the best of the laboratory production