Pasticceria Buti

Creata nel 1958 la Pasticceria Buti vanta ormai da anni la produzione di una vasta gamma di dolci, spaziando dai prodotti tipici alle torte cerimoniali.

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Traditional products


One of the greatest prides of the Tuscan confectionery tradition is the Cantuccio.
Dry biscuit with a delicate flavor, but at the same time characteristic thanks to the almonds that give it an unmistakable scent and taste.
Just their fragrance makes them the perfect dessert at the end of a good meal, preferably soaked in a good Vin Santo …..


Variation of the classic Panpepato made in honor of the visit of Queen Margherita. The intense and decisive taste of the original recipe is tempered and is more delicate, the black pepper cover is replaced by vanilla sugar. The taste, although always distinctive and particular, becomes softer and softer on the palate


Speaking of typical sweets, Ricciarelli are, without a doubt, the most representative of the category. Made of almond paste, they have a soft and delicate consistency, wrapped in icing sugar, they offer a sweet and characteristic taste and smell that envelops the palate.


Born as sweets that could be preserved for a long time, Cavallucci can be associated with biscuits.
The consistency is strong and the spicy flavor is characterized by a note of Anise which makes them unmistakable and perfect when combined with liqueur wines


The most ancient product of the Sienese tradition, born as a Christmas cake whose preparation was entrusted to the city’s apothecaries. The taste is intense thanks to a particular mix of spices; everything is combined with the honey dough to create an unmistakable taste that allows more than a culinary combination


This ancient dessert deserves a special place in the tradition of Sienese sweets.
Born in the 1400s in a Sienese monastery, in a short time they became indispensable Christmas delicacies
Today the recipe has undergone minimal additions, with every bite you rediscover the typical soft consistency and the sweet and delicate taste, never sickly sweet, thanks to the perfect balance between sugar and almonds.

Traditional Products

Since its inception, Pasticceria Buti promotes the Sienese confectionery tradition in the territory, creating a production that is faithful to the recipes of the past, to rediscover or discover the flavors of the past.
A range of flavors and textures that guide you through a real taste journey into time; starting from spices and intense notes in Cavallucci, Panpepato and Panforte, until you get to more delicate and gentle characters in Cantucci, Copate and Ricciarelli.

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