La Pasticceria Buti

Pasticceri dal 1958

It was the very early 1950s, when Silvano Buti, just 14, began working at the Nannini laboratories, which at the time represented thE center of Sienese pastry. Here he comes into contact with great pastry chefs from all over Italy who become his mentors; one in particular took him under his wing and, a short time later, took Silvano with him to the laboratories of Florida in Piazza della Posta. From there the next step: in 1958 he rents a small fund of 20 square meters with a wood-burning oven in via Piave, where, with his brother Marco, he laid the foundations for what would become one of the reference points of the Sienese confectionery tradition,

ending with the opening of the restaurant in Via Vittorio Emanuele II in 1966, which still houses his laboratory today.

Today the business is entrusted to the expert hands of Silvano’s son, Francesco, who grew up among the counters of the laboratory where he works from a young age. Having entered as an apprentice to his father, his task is to carry on the philosophy of pastry based on genuine and fresh flavors.
The express production, the care in the choice of raw materials, the constant control over the quality of the products are the main strengths of Pasticceria Buti.

Silvano Buti

Francesco Buti

Our laboratory team

Our pastry team

Our space

Pasticceri dal 1958

A recently refurbished restaurant to best carry on the very famous confectionery tradition of the Buti pastry shop, becoming a meeting point for all the citizens of Siena and aiming for excellence in products and service.

All raw materials are carefully chosen and production is expressed throughout the day

Carefully selected blends and drinks to best delight the palates in the combination with the production of the laboratory

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