Pastry is, an art form, an expression of ingenuity and creativity.

From the union of all these aspects in the early 90s a pastry chef had an idea; the intent was to create a dessert that would enhance the pastry, hence the CARAMELATO.

Today, after almost 20 years, this dessert is still the symbol of the tradition of Pasticceria Buti, a crunchy pastry with a slightly caramelized flavor that meets a soft Italian Chantilly cream in a mix of flavor and texture that envelops from the first taste.


The puff pastry

A careful and meticulous processing for a crunchy and crumbly pastry slightly caramelized to make the flavor sharper


The Italian chantilly

A soft filling born from the combination of cream and custard that enhances the pastry that surrounds it


White chocolate

Thin lines of white chocolate garnish the entire pastry adding that last sweet note that completes the balance of flavor


A mignon size that contains all the flavor of our flagship product. A finger food version to be enjoyed on any occasion


Excellent for breakfast, perfect for the composition of single-portion desserts; a versatile dimension to be exploited as you prefer


A single, large and very tasty golden disc to tastefully enrich the tables for every occasion, holidays, birthdays and special days.